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Medical shift

Enhance healthcare shift handovers with our cutting-edge text mining technology. Our platform automatically annotates keywords (field names) in medical shift transcripts, facilitating the exploration of superior solutions.

Tea category e-commerce platform

Leveraging text mining and web crawling, we gather tea product information from e-commerce platforms, providing industry analysts with a customizable and efficient visual analysis interface.

Hotel Strategy Planning Tool

By analyzing reviews from visitors staying in Kaohsiung accommodations, we provide valuable insights for strategic decision-making in the tourism industry.

Catering Public Opinion System

Uncover valuable insights from food and beverage reviews using text mining. Monitor and analyze brands, gain competitor insights, manage brand reputation, and understand consumer attitudes and competitor strengths.

Information Retrieval

Leveraging information retrieval technology, businesses can efficiently compare data for relevant text, aiding the search and application of indigenous-related information.

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