Text Analytics and Retrieval Workflow System

Provide a text analysis platform based on workflows, where users don’t need to write code or only require a small amount of code to design the text mining process, allowing anyone to be a text mining analyst!

Public Opinion Analysis System

Our platform provides advanced text mining functionalities, empowering users with a wide range of tools to analyze and extract valuable insights from various forums and news data sources.

Social Media Analysis Course

The emergence of social media has enabled ordinary users to generate their own content, known as User Generated Content (UGC). By extracting, examining, and analyzing this data, we can gain real-time insights into important social phenomena, policy effectiveness, and business operations, enabling us to make informed decisions. Our platform provides fundamental text mining capabilities and incorporates multiple forums and news sources for analysis purposes.

Collaborative Resources

National Sun Yat-sen University Business Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence Platform

We provide an integrated application platform for intelligent technologies, leveraging deep learning-based techniques such as facial recognition, speech recognition, speech synthesis, and conversational AI.

Business Big Data Education Alliance

Our mission is to foster a community of educators at the Reward Business School who are dedicated to driving innovation in business data teaching. Together, we aim to nurture a new generation of professionals skilled in the application of business big data in Taiwan.

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