Yulon Nissan Motor Company Visit: Event Recap

Yulon Nissan Motor Corporation hosted its first corporate visit for the alliance on Tuesday, August 8th, 112th year, with a total of 13 participants. Located in Sanyi, Miaoli, the event encompassed a tour of the production facility, on-site vehicle assembly, test drives, an introduction to Yulon Nissan Motor Corporation, and discussions on digital transformation, followed by a networking dinner.

Yulon Nissan, a leading automotive company, began the visit by heading to the Drive the Future Experience Center, where a guided tour of the factory was provided. Participants boarded a shuttle to the assembly site, where dedicated guides offered explanations about the process of automotive production and vehicle assembly. The tour allowed visitors to step inside the factory and observe the vehicle assembly production line, explore the electric vehicle technology showcase area, and engage in test drives of three different vehicle models. This hands-on experience provided a firsthand understanding of the testing phase, quality control measures, and more within the automotive manufacturing process.

Taking a step further to delve into the history of automotive manufacturing, participants gained insights into the contemporary professional automotive production processes and interactions. They had the opportunity to witness Yulon Nissan’s advanced production facilities and innovative technologies up close. Additionally, through lectures, attendees gained a deeper understanding of Yulon Nissan’s journey of development and the pertinent topics related to digital transformation. This experience provided valuable inspiration for seeking innovation and progress in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

The discussions during the digital transformation segment were particularly notable, with enthusiastic participation from all the guests leaving a lasting impression. Many constructive ideas and suggestions for future product and service innovations were put forward. With the prevalence of artificial intelligence, digital transformation has become an integral part of driving ongoing corporate development. Our exploration of this trend undoubtedly proves beneficial, as it offers insights into the essential aspects that shape the landscape of business.

Finally, we all came together to enjoy a delightful dinner at the auspicious Ji Xiang Building on Sanyi Street. This was a relaxed moment that provided us with the opportunity to engage in more profound interactions and conversations. We look forward to future opportunities for all of us to gather once again, fostering further exchanges and learning together.

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