Taipei Curatorial Industry Visit: Event Recap

The Alliance and HWH Executive Consultant Co., Ltd. organized a corporate visit and exhibition tour on Friday, December 1, 112th year, with a total of 19 participants. HWH Executive Consultant Co., Ltd. is located in Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1 and is a professional exhibition company offering services such as manpower services, event planning, and curation design. The activities included visits to companies, a meeting with the Taiwan Exhibition & Convention Association, a seminar on digital transformation, a banquet, and a visit to the Meet Taipei Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carnival Exhibition.

HWH is a professional exhibition company that places a strong emphasis on staying abreast of trends and future developments in the exhibition industry. The core aspects of exhibitions include digitization/technologization, talent cultivation, internationalization, and sustainable operation. Currently, the company collaborates with major universities to engage in industry-academia cooperation, fostering the development of professionals needed in the exhibition field. Additionally, Talent World provides relevant matchmaking services to support various conference and exhibition activities.

In the first phase of the digital transformation discussion, Mr. Huang Weihao, the General Manager of HWH, highlighted the current status and challenges faced by the exhibition industry in digital transformation. Issues such as inadequate promotion, lack of integration, and limited implementation opportunities were raised. These challenges have led to a digital development dilemma where timely and appropriate feedback cannot be readily provided. Mr. Huang emphasized the importance of not only aligning with demands and engaging with the industry but also taking a steady and pragmatic approach to digital transformation. He suggested that the process should be carefully managed step by step to achieve the desired goals.

Following that, Secretary-General Zhang Zhengfen, Executive Director Liu Zhiyao, and Director Chen Zhiming from the Taiwan Exhibition & Convention Association attended the event. The second phase of the discussion focused on digital topics, delving into the ongoing digital transformation in the exhibition industry. The sharing and discussion covered the application of AI in company management and the use of digital tools like ChatGPT, reflecting emerging trends.

However, it was noted that, apart from leading companies, the opportunities for application in small and medium-sized enterprises are limited. This is primarily attributed to a lack of industry understanding and insufficient awareness among business owners. Addressing this gap remains an area with significant potential for improvement.

Before and after the banquet, there were extensive exchanges and sharing of new information and topics. In addition to physical exhibitions, the exhibition industry has witnessed the emergence of a new trend in online exhibitions in recent years, especially in the context of the impact of the pandemic. Unlike physical exhibitions, online exhibitions are more diverse, international, and rich, breaking free from limitations such as venue, equipment, time, and manpower. However, they also require sufficient resources to support aspects such as diversified platforms, integrated services, and cybersecurity. Virtualization of exhibition content is seen as a developmental direction, with a focus on AI integration to provide an enhanced and more immersive experience.

Finally, the visit concluded with a tour of the Meet Taipei Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carnival Exhibition at Hall 2, Zone P of the Nangang Exhibition Center. The exhibition featured various components, including innovation and entrepreneurship forums, startup exhibition areas (covering artificial intelligence and data intelligence, mobile network applications, digital content and experiential technology, and green sustainability), innovation-driven zones, themed areas, and an international startup pavilion. The exhibition was a kaleidoscope of diverse and exciting showcases, especially the highlight zones that connected the past, present, and anticipated developments of the next decade. These areas provided a comprehensive review and accumulation, showcasing the transformative opportunities that extend into the future.

The itinerary for this corporate visit, association meeting, and the Meet Taipei exhibition tour was rich and engaging. Due to the enthusiastic discussions on various topics, the schedule felt quite brief. Participants expressed their desire for future arrangements of related thematic seminars, providing everyone with the opportunity for more in-depth interaction and sharing. Anticipation is high for the next gathering and discussions on digital transformation topics.

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