Invitation for Alliance Members III Phase End-of-Term Exchange — Luncheon and Digital Transformation Seminar

This event is the year-end gathering organized by our alliance in collaboration with Street Fun BLOCK& (DaoTeng Co., Ltd.). We appreciate the support and encouragement from our members over the past year and look forward to exchanging experiences in digital transformation. We anticipate collaborative achievements in the future. Alliance members interested in participating are warmly welcomed!

Event Date: January 12, 113th Year (Friday)

Event Schedule:

We sincerely invite you to join our exciting Digital Transformation Seminar and Luncheon. The event kicks off with a luncheon, providing an opportunity for close interaction among members. This relaxed atmosphere allows for networking, idea sharing, and experience exchange with fellow members.

Following the luncheon, we will proceed with the Digital Transformation Seminar, covering topics such as the latest developments in Large Language Models (LLM). We aim to share insights, success stories, and challenges in the field of digital transformation. This seminar serves as a platform for peer-to-peer exchange.

We believe that this event will offer valuable information and insights, fostering interaction and collaboration among alliance members. Your participation is highly appreciated, and we look forward to sharing this meaningful moment together.

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