2024 Text Mining and Digital Transformation Service Industry-Academia Alliance Seminar I: Event Recap

On Friday, March 15, 2024, the Text Mining and Digital Transformation Service Industry-Academia Alliance held the first external promotional briefing for the third year of alliance operations. In addition to outlining the alliance’s plans and introducing its technical services for the current year, the event featured a discussion on the latest trending topic in technology: “Generative AI-RAG Retrieval-Augmented Generation Technique and Applications.” This session aimed to provide insights into the development of technology trends.

In addition, we extended special invitations to vendor members who have collaborated with the alliance team over the past few years to share their experiences. Their insights enriched the content of this promotional briefing and added excitement and inspiration to the event. This allowed first-time attendees from the alliance’s vendor members to gain an understanding of the alliance’s dedication and development in fostering industry-academia collaboration and digital transformation over the years.

Firstly, Professor Huang San-Yi, the host of the alliance, delivered the opening remarks, introducing the agenda for this briefing and outlining the activities planned for the current year. These activities include briefings, workshops, corporate visits, and specialized lectures on digital transformation topics.

Following that, Dr. Tsai Yi-Hang, a doctoral candidate, proceeded with the presentation on the latest technology: “Generative AI-RAG Retrieval-Augmented Generation Technique and Applications.” Large-scale language models have become a hot topic in recent years, with applications ranging from document classification to translation and data analysis. In addition to discussing its advantages, disadvantages, and related technologies, the focus of this presentation was placed on practical applications, particularly in knowledge updating and data processing.

After the intermission, Manager Yang from Yulon Nissan shared the collaborative experiences between their company and the alliance team. Manager Yang began by giving a brief introduction to Yulon Nissan company background. He then proceeded to discuss several practical case studies of collaboration with the alliance over the past few years. These case studies ranged from micro-learning courses to industry-academia collaboration projects, totaling nearly ten cases. Through these collaborations on various themes, they have strengthened the organization’s operational efficiency and digital transformation environment, which have become essential aspects of the company’s growth.

Next, Team Leader Chen from the Metal Industries Research & Development Centre shared their relevant collaboration experiences. After a brief background introduction, Team Leader Chen mentioned that over the past few years, they have not only focused on topics related to metal materials but have also assisted various industries in conducting research projects. Through these collaborations, they have been able to identify value and solve problems, leading to further innovation and improvement. Team Leader Chen emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, stating that the era of industry-academia research co-creation has arrived. No single party can succeed alone, and through collaborative exchange, competitiveness and development can be enhanced. This approach helps companies allocate resources efficiently, achieving maximum benefits in precision marketing and research and development.

Finally, the Q&A session during the alliance’s interactive exchange was lively and engaging. Participants shared their reflections and suggestions on digitalization topics such as AI and RAG. They expressed a considerable level of insight and offered valuable recommendations. Moreover, they expressed their hope that the alliance could serve as a centralized platform for exchange and interaction, fostering possibilities for future collaboration.

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