2024 Text Mining and Digital Transformation Service Industry-Academia Alliance—Academic Member Promotion Seminar: Event Record

Date: April 19, 113 (Friday) 14:00~16:40

Location: CM3038, College of Management, National Sun Yat-sen University (No. 70, Lianhai Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City 804, Taiwan)

On Friday, April 19, 113, this event marks the second promotional seminar targeting academic research fields held by the Text Mining and Digital Transformation Service Industry-Academia Alliance since its inception.

With the increasing complexity and volume of data, teachers and students often face the challenge of interpreting, classifying, and evaluating large amounts of textual data. Therefore, it is hoped that the alliance can serve as a platform for exchange between the academic and industrial sectors, promoting the possibility of collaborative research or related cooperation opportunities between academia and industry.

Professor Ho Shu-chun from National Kaohsiung Normal University, one of the co-hosts, shared insights from her recent years of experience in conducting thematic research, industry-academia collaboration projects, and participation in external competitions using text analysis techniques. Additionally, we were honored to have Researcher Wang Hsin-fu from the Metal Industries Research and Development Centre, who has collaborated with the alliance team for several years, to share practical operational cases in industry-academia research, enriching the content of this seminar.

Firstly, Professor Huang San-yi, the host of the alliance, delivered the opening speech, introducing the agenda of the seminar and this year’s activity plan. This includes seminars, workshops, corporate visits, and specialized lectures on digital transformation topics. Following that, Dr. Zhang Jiaming, a doctoral student, demonstrated the operation and application of the Tarflow text mining workflow platform. He shared several examples of using the text analysis platform for keyword analysis, word clouds, visualization, and more.

Next, Professor Ho Shu-chun shared her experiences from recent years working with students using text analysis platforms for thematic research, industry-academia collaboration, and participation in external competitions. She emphasized the importance of defining research topics and objectives, collecting data, preprocessing the data, conducting text analysis, and utilizing models and analytical results to understand the outcomes of the research.

After the intermission, Researcher Wang Hsin-fu shared his relevant collaboration experiences, explaining the necessity of data science and its broad scope, especially for emerging industries that require a macroscopic observation and analysis. In his past achievements, he utilized text mining analysis to provide support for medical applications in North America, assisted various industry players in discovering new directions, and consistently obtained proposal collaboration opportunities.

Finally, Professor Huang San-yi, the host of the alliance, shared insights on service design and text mining. Using actual research paper cases as background, he illustrated how text analysis techniques could be applied even in the baking industry, where online reviews can be classified and analyzed. The interactive Q&A session was lively, with participating teachers and students showing considerable interest in the use of text analysis platforms.

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