2024 Tarflow Public Sentiment System(Workshop I): Activity Record

Date and Time: Friday, May 17, 2024 (13:00 – 16:00)

Location: National Sun Yat-sen University, College of Management, Room CM3022

The Tarflow Public Sentiment System was the first workshop of the 2024 “Text Mining and Digital Transformation Service Industry-Academia Alliance.” The primary participants were corporate and academic members of the alliance. To familiarize members with the text analysis workflow platform resources, the workshop was conducted simultaneously in-person and online. On-site and online teaching assistants were available to provide guidance and resolve issues promptly, ensuring that participants could seamlessly experience the platform’s functionalities.

First, Professor Huang Sanyi, the host of the alliance, delivered the opening speech. As this was the first workshop of 2024, with new corporate and academic members joining, it started with the basics for beginners. The Tarflow text analysis workflow platform, one of the core technologies of the alliance, has been used in recent years for various research analyses and project implementations. Through hands-on practice in the workshop, participants were expected to experience the application of digital tools.

Next, PhD student Zhang Jiaming from Professor Huang Sanyi’s team conducted today’s main lecture on basic techniques in natural language processing. Two on-site teaching assistants and one online teaching assistant were available to help guide all participants through three learning modules: “Data Preprocessing,” “Word Relationships,” and “Basic Sentiment Analysis.”

The course began with the instructor explaining the basic principles of each text analysis. After gaining an initial understanding, participants were given tasks to perform hands-on operations. As a result, after attending this workshop, participants should be able to learn how to conduct text analysis based on their desired public opinion data and make decisions based on the analysis results.

Finally, during the interactive session, participants shared their experiences and suggestions. Through the hands-on process, alliance members gained an understanding of how to use the text analysis platform. Advanced text analysis workshops are planned for the future to further enhance their skills in using the platform.

As the alliance enters its third year of operation, in addition to promotional briefings and workshops, activities such as corporate visits and special lectures are also arranged. The second workshop is scheduled to be held in mid-June, and members are encouraged to participate actively.

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