2024 Tarflow Data Processing (Workshop II): Event Record

Event Time: Friday, June 14, 2024, 13:30-16:40

Event Location: National Kaohsiung Normal University, Ho-Ping Campus, iRead Hall B1

This is the second workshop of the 2024 “Text Mining and Digital Transformation Service Industry-Academia Alliance”—Tarflow Data Processing. Co-hosted with the 2024 Fifth Business Education and Management Conference, the event will take place at the iRead Hall, Ho-Ping Campus of National Kaohsiung Normal University. Through this conference, we aim to promote the benefits of text mining technology, learn how to quickly integrate and analyze data, and provide researchers with an alternative research method.

The primary participants of this workshop are corporate members, academic members, and conference attendees. To ensure that both newcomers and those already familiar with the text analysis workflow platform become more adept at the operational steps, on-site assistants will be available to provide guidance and resolve any issues.

The workshop will begin with an opening speech by Professor Huang San-Yi, the host of the alliance. Co-organized with the 2024 conference, this second workshop aims to attract more participants to explore the Tarflow text analysis workflow platform and experience the use of digital tools.

Following the opening speech, PhD candidate Chang Chia-Ming from Professor Huang San-Yi’s team will conduct a session on fundamental natural language processing techniques. Two on-site assistants will be available to facilitate learning in three key areas: “Data Preprocessing,” “Word Relationships,” and “Topic Extraction.”

The instructor will first explain the basics of data collection, then move on to courses on preprocessing and other related topics. Participants will have the opportunity to perform hands-on exercises, and they are encouraged to ask questions on-site. The goal is for participants to learn how to collect and retrieve data for text analysis, and to present the analysis results using methods such as word clouds.

At the end of the course, there will be an interactive session where alliance members can ask questions, share suggestions, and discuss ideas with the alliance team regarding the use of the text analysis workflow platform.

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