2023 Workshop II: Text Data Processing and Preliminary Analysis:Event Recap

Event Information: Date: June 16, 2023 (Friday) Time: 13:40-17:00

Location: CM3022 Classroom, College of Management, National Sun Yat-sen University

This workshop, the second event organized by the 2023 Text Mining and Digital Transformation Service Industry-Academia Alliance, aims to teach alliance members the advanced features of a text analysis platform. Through the lecture content delivered by the instructor, the goal is to familiarize the alliance members with the platform’s operation and enable them to effectively utilize the resources provided by the platform for a wider range of analysis. To accommodate members who may be unable to attend the session in person and might miss out on the valuable lecture content, the event will be conducted both on-site and online simultaneously, allowing online and in-person members to participate in the learning experience together.

This workshop will be conducted by Dr. Yi-Hang Tsai, a doctoral student from the research team of Professor San-Yih Huang. Dr. Tsai will be supported by an online teaching assistant and two on-site teaching assistants who will be available to provide real-time assistance and help address any questions or issues that arise. The topics covered in this session will focus on “Data Preprocessing and Word Relationships” and “Topic Extraction.” The session will begin with a review and further explanation of the introductory course content to ensure that participants who are either new to the subject or have previously attended the course can quickly get up to speed.

During the teaching process, practical examples will be presented to provide alliance members with a deeper understanding of the analytical workflow in real-world scenarios. This will enable them to apply the learned techniques to their own future research topics. Next, the basic concepts of topic modeling and document classification will be introduced. Once all alliance members have a sufficient understanding of the aforementioned lecture content, they will engage in hands-on activities tailored to different tasks. This will include tasks such as model parameter configuration, model evaluation, and visualizing analysis results through charts and visualizations. Therefore, after participating in this workshop, alliance members will learn how to train models, adjust parameters, select the best model among multiple options, perform data analysis, and ultimately present the analysis results through visualizations.

Through a combination of teaching and hands-on exercises, this workshop aims to gradually familiarize participating alliance members with advanced data analysis on the text analysis platform. In the end, alliance members will have the opportunity to engage in discussions and seek guidance from the instructor or teaching assistants regarding any challenges they encountered during the hands-on exercises. This collaborative environment encourages knowledge sharing and fosters a deeper understanding of the operational aspects of the platform.

Professor San-Yih Huang, the host of the alliance, will present a certificate of participation to recognize the achievement of attending both the 5/5 Workshop I and the 6/16 Workshop II. A total of five participants will be awarded this certificate in appreciation of their support and encouragement towards the alliance activities. In the second half of the year, the alliance will plan for other events and services. All alliance members are encouraged to actively participate, engage in discussions, and enhance their digital capabilities through these activities.

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