2023 International Exchange Exhibition: Unveiling the Power of Text Mining

The 2023 International Exchange Exhibition: Unveiling the Power of Text Mining is the first international exchange and promotion event organized by the “Text Mining and Digital Transformation Service Industry-Academia Alliance.” This exhibition focuses on the utilization of the text analysis workflow platform and targets international alumni of Sun Yat-sen University. Through online video conferencing, the event facilitates communication and discussions with alumni located in different cities across Europe, aiming to promote the adoption of text analysis platforms globally. By increasing exposure and engagement, the objective is to enhance the application of digital tools in various domains.

Event Agenda:

Dear NSYSU alumni,

Warm greetings from your alma mater, NSYSU. We hope you all have been keeping well.

We are excited to invite you to an upcoming virtual event unveiling our cutting-edge, no-code text mining platform. This game-changer, with its evolutionary algorithm, automates text mining model generation, opening doors to a treasure trove of insights from text data.

Text mining has long been a player in customer sentiment analysis, market trends, and competitive analysis. However, the programming skills it usually demands have been a hurdle for many.

At this event, we’ll guide you through how our platform effortlessly empowers you to tailor a workflow without coding, regardless of your expertise level. An invaluable asset for organizations and possibly a catalyst for yours.

Unlock the boundless possibilities of text analytics with us.

Date: August 19th, Wednesday
Time: 15:15 (Taiwan time) 09:40 (Europe Time)
Length: 30 minutes

By enrolling, you’ll also have the opportunity to win one of the following NSYSU gifts:
-A Lego model of our very own gorgeous NSYSU campus
-A fashionable and sophisticated NSYSU-branded dossier folio
-An NSYSU T-shirt

We look forward to demonstrating how our innovative platform can elevate your text-mining capabilities.

Sincerely, NSYSU

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