2023 Alliance Promotion Seminar II: Academic Institutions and Text Analysis Workshop: Event Recap

Event Date: Saturday, June 17, 2023

Event Venue: College of Management, National Sun Yat-sen University

The event held on June 17, 2023, was the Alliance Promotion Seminar II: Academic Institutions, which focused on promoting the Text Mining and Digital Transformation Service Industry-Academia Alliance. The seminar included a hands-on text analysis workshop aimed at attracting more academic members, including professors and graduate students. The workshop utilized text mining techniques to assist in data processing and topic analysis in various research fields. The event was held in conjunction with the 2023 International Conference on Information Management (ICIM2023).

To provide participants with a better understanding of the alliance and the text analysis workflow platform, the event was divided into two sessions. Professor Huang Sanyi, the host of the alliance, delivered the opening speech, introducing the key highlights of the alliance activities and the core of the seminar. The aim was to facilitate meaningful exchanges and discussions that would leave participants with valuable insights. Additionally, this event served as a recruitment opportunity for academic members, specifically targeting teachers and students with a demand for big data analysis. They were given the chance to engage with and practically operate the platform, thereby enhancing their application skills in various research fields.

Next, we invited Professor He Shujun, the co-project leader of the alliance. Currently, she teaches at the Department of Software Engineering and Management in National Kaohsiung Normal University. Professor He shared her first-hand experience of using the text analysis workflow platform with the participants. Through the analysis of big data, including data processing, word relationships, and topic extraction, she demonstrated how to collect evaluations and opinions from online sources and apps, and derive key keywords, sentiments (positive or negative), and more. Her research findings have not only gained recognition from industry companies but also received numerous awards and have been published in research journals. By sharing Professor He’s practical applications, participants gained a better understanding of how the platform can be utilized in real-world scenarios and further executed for analysis purposes.

In the afternoon session, Dr. Zhang Jiaming, a doctoral student from Professor Huang Sanyi’s team, led the participants through the basics of text mining. He followed the course steps to provide practical demonstrations and hands-on experiences of using the text analysis workflow platform. Participants had the opportunity to actively engage in the application methods of text analysis and gain firsthand experience of the platform’s functionalities.

During the session, there were six teaching assistants available on-site to assist and guide all participants. They provided guidance for the learning of the two main course topics: “Sentiment Analysis” and “Word Network Analysis.” At the beginning of the instruction, the lecturer explained the basic principles of each text analysis topic. Once participants had a preliminary understanding, they proceeded with hands-on operations based on different tasks. Through the use of teaching examples, participants were able to grasp the operational aspects of the platform more comprehensively.

By the end of the workshop, it was hoped that participants would have learned how to conduct text analysis based on the desired sentiment and data, and use the analysis results for decision-making purposes. The workshop concluded with an interactive session, allowing for experience sharing and fostering a collaborative environment for technical knowledge exchange.

The workshop provided participants with hands-on experience, allowing them to understand how to perform basic data analysis on the text analysis platform. If participants encounter any technical issues or have different opinions on the platform’s usage during their subsequent operations, they are encouraged to raise them for discussion and sharing. The goal is for the alliance to create the greatest possible benefits by fostering an environment of open communication and collaboration.

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