2023 Advanced Textual Data Analysis (Workshop IV): Event Record

This is the fourth and final workshop of the 2023 Text Mining and Digital Transformation Service Industry-Academia Alliance. Participants include members from both industry and academia, with a total of 23 attendees present on-site and online.

In this workshop, Dr. Tsai Yihang, a doctoral student from Professor Huang Sanyi’s team, led the teaching session. The instruction was complemented by an online teaching assistant and two on-site teaching assistants who were available to provide immediate assistance. The topics covered in this session included “Data Preprocessing and Word Relationships,” “Sentiment Analysis,” and “Document Classification.”

The course began with a foundational session on basic data preprocessing, allowing participants, whether new or revisiting the content, to become familiar with the operation of the text analysis platform. Throughout the teaching process, practical examples were integrated to provide members with hands-on exercises. In case of any understanding or difficulties, on-site assistants were readily available to assist in problem-solving.

Next, concepts of sentiment analysis and document classification were introduced. Once all participants had a reasonable understanding of the course content, practical exercises were conducted based on different tasks. These exercises included tasks such as sentence segmentation, stop-word removal, analysis tasks, and visualizing results through charts, etc. Therefore, participants in this workshop gained the ability to perform basic text analysis and present the results in a visualized manner.

Through the workshop lectures and hands-on exercises, participants gradually learned and became familiar with how to use the text analysis platform for data collection and processing. The interactive nature of the workshop allowed participants to engage in discussions with each other and seek guidance from the instructor and assistants regarding any challenges encountered during the operational process.

Finally, Professor Huang Sanyi, the host of the alliance, conducted a Q&A session and concluded the workshop. Participants were also asked to fill out a satisfaction survey to provide feedback on the workshop, allowing the alliance to collect relevant data for discussion and improvement. Planning for next year’s activities is already underway, and the alliance looks forward to continued encouragement and support from its members.

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